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QUIET DREAMS LP & CD (Eng. page):

QUIET DREAMS LP & CD (Eng. page):

Quiet Dreams / Hilde Hefte / PJRCD & LP 126


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A once in a lifetime offer:

One LP and CD together: 

  • Vinyl (180 gr) Quiet Dreams (PJRLP 126)
  • Limited Edition
  • Unique numbered
  • Signed
  • The LP comes in a cotton-shopping bag.
  • One CD
  • Everything will be shipped in a special made box made for sending vinyl.

*IF YOU WANT THE ITEMS (LP and CD) SHIPPED OUTSIDE OF NORWAY the shipping rate is higher -send an e-mail to hilde@hefte.no and we'll take it from there. 

** CDs will be shipped worldwide for free.

About the record: The butterflies are having a huge party in my heart. Why is that I’m releasing my music on vinyl for the first time in my career. The LP is a beautiful 180 gr black vinyl records containing music I am so very proud of – and it is wrapped in a cover painted and designed by the wonderful artist Agnete Erichsen.  

The album has received reviews I didn’t even dared hope for.

You will find links a little bit further down (only in Norwegian at the moment). 

This album is my most personal album so far.

I have written all compositions and lyrics – minus two, all music arrangements, playing 75% of all tracks and several instruments, and I do all vocals.

Musicians: Egil Kapstad (on three tracks) & Simen Hefte Endresen (on one track) 

Teaser all tracks:

Teaser track 1.: Come Fly With Me

No. 1 in the National Newspaper Dagbladet - best album this year.

The album has received some outstanding reviews:
Lars Mossefinn - journalist - National newspaper: DAG OG TID.

Click link (Only in Norwegian): http://www.hildehefte.no/images/dagogtid.jpg


The online jazz magazine: "Salt Peanuts".

Click link (Only in Norwegian): http://salt-peanuts.eu/record/hilde-hefte/ 

Journalist Fredrik Wandrup - National Newspaper Dagbladet.

Click link (Only in Norwegian): http://www.dagbladet.no/kultur/stillferdige-drommer-hyllest-til-havet-og-hett-groove/66911117 

Janice Carter Slater - Austalia:


 Words for the press:  



Producer: Simen Hefte Endresen / Co producer: Hilde Hefte /

Sound engineering: Roald Råsberg / Studio: Sanden Studio /

Coordinator for print etc.: Jon Magnus Dahl.

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